Phombie Flow

Phombie Flow is a browser game, inspired by titles such as Job Simulator or Papers Please, which take up mundane job activities. Phombie Flow is about dealing with an overwhelming amount of digital information in the smartphone age, so it also hits a little bit too close to home; It encourages to reflect on one’s own habits. The player is confronted with incoming notifications and is tasked with eliminating private messages and spam, while keeping and processing work related information. If this isn’t done quickly enough, the stress meter increases until Digital Overload is reached.

The project was developed together with Oliver & Michael of the agency 86/60. We wanted to independently implement our own vision and learn about new ways of working. The concept and prototype were created in the span of 4 days. We had so much fun, that we dedicated the next few months to frantically refine the game until we were happy with it.

Play Phombie Flow (in German)